Winelands Westerncape South Africa

Dear guest, 

Our company provides personality- and leadership-seminars with the most professional teacher you can imagine: horses!

From history we know that Alexander the Great became so succesfull because he "listened" to his horse "Bucephalos" since he was 13!!

This kind of learning has been rediscovered a few years ago. We offer this method in a seminar that will enable you to find out whether you can adopt it for your own success.

Now it is on you!

For only 250 € seminar fee

(including food & beverages)

you have the chance to find your key to improve your personality, to focus on new goals and how to reach them. Also you may learn to say "no" when it is necessary. The seminar fee is tax deductible!

We offer  open seminars, seminars for teams and individual coaching. Just contact us for further information:



cell phone: +27- 736 698588

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         What we offer: 

  • relaxed learning with horses
  • the possibility to learn more about yourself
  • realize your potential
  • learn about your authenticity
  • direct feedback from horses - brutally honest
  • have fun while experiencing
  • learning via "picture-language" and nonverbal communication


        what we definately do NOT offer:  

  • horse back riding or riding lessons
  • trained animals
  • Hocus-pocus, esotheric or trickery
  • happening-event just for fun
  • psychotherapy or something likely
  • humans as trainers - because our horses are the trainer